Wind Claims and Minnesota Homeowners Insurance

Wind…. Oh the past two days have been windy! Trash is blowing around, cans are knocked over, oh my.

Just a reminder to everyone to check their roofs for missing shingles. Now a few shingles may not be an insurance claim now, but if water gets in, that’s another story.

We have had numerous calls to day about missing shingles on both new and older homes.

If you do have missing shingles, get a contractor out there right away to check things out. Again, better a couple hundred now, verses possibly thousands later. Once the contractor is on the actual roof, they might find additional damages you can’t see from the ground. Have it checked out, it’s normally free.

If you are unhappy with your current homeowners insurance policy or would just like a second opinion, feel free to give us a call.

Thank you,

Rick McIntosh