Tow Truck Insurance Tips

Tow truck and wrecker insurance

Is required in our great state of 10,000 lakes. Some cities even have certain requirements, like Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Policies in Minnesota normally include:

• Tow Truck & Wrecker Liability Insurance – bodily injury and property damage coverage. If you hurt someone or do damage to another property you could be held liable.
• On-hook / Garagekeepers insurance – It covers the vehicles you’re towing and vehicles you have stored at your facility.
• Collision Coverage – Pays for repairs or replaces your tow truck or wreckers in case of collision or upset.
• Comprehensive Coverage protects your tow truck or wrecker in other non-collsion accidents. Fire, theft, hail, dear, birds, flood, etc.
• PIP or Personal Injury Coverage – Pay the medical bills and possibly wage loss in the event you are injured while in, on or about tow truck or car carrier.
• Cargo Coverage – This is protection for other than vehicles, like a service garages tool chest or other non-vehicle property.
• Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – This protects you when the other driver, who’s at fault, has very little or no insurance coverage of their own. Statistics say 20% of the driver on the road have no insurance.

How is tow truck, car carrier or wrecker insurance rated?

The answer is very similar to Minnesota car insurance. Using the vehicle information and yours, plus where you garage the vehicle. So, the year, make, model and value, as does your age, driving record & loss history. The limits of coverage and the types of coverage adjust the rates as well.

Tow truck drivers do an amazing service for disabled vehicles and their stressed out owners. They also find themselves in risky situations most days. Dark highways, poor weather, dangerous drivers. We want our tow truck customers safe out there!

If you are in need of affordable tow truck, car carrier or wrecker insurance in Minnesota, give us a call or request a quote online. Pricing can vary from insurance company to insurance company and many MN towing companies are over paying. You won’t know unless you check. Again, that’s where we come in. Give us a try, request a quote, it’s always free.


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