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“Hey Rick: I would like to say thanks for being the best insurance agent a guy could have. I have no idea what amount of money you may have saved me since I started buying my insurance from you many years ago. Because I have had a few claims over the years, I am probably not your best customer. You always handled those situations in a very professional and nonjudgmental manner. The rates never seemed to go up because of those claims and I have recommended you to many friends and family members. You cover my house, my truck, my cars and my motorcycles. You cover my mom’s house and my brothers’ motorcycles. If mom ever buys a bike, I will have her give you a call. Your card is right here in my wallet for the next time I hear someone say they need insurance. Thanks to you and thanks to Insuring Minnesota for many years of great service.”

– Chris DeVoto, Elko Mew Market, MN

“I left you a message earlier seeing if was at all possible for you to mail out some flyers I could put in my move-in folders for my residents. My family & I have been really happy with your company & your service over the years. I would like to share my good fortune with my residents because I know you will take good care of them. If you are able to mail out some flyers, my office address is listed below. Thank you for your time & your wonderful service over the years! ”

– Charlotte Andersen, Coon Rapids, MN

“I have known Rick McIntosh and he has been my insurance agent since 1999. Rick not only insures both of our automobiles, he also insures my home, my rental property and even my small business! I can always trust in and count on Rick to get me the best price with the best underwriter. He has even at times found me a better price for my premiums without my ever asking him to look! Who doesn’t want to save more money? I know that if I send a quick email with a request or give him a call, I can count on Rick McIntosh to be there and provide me with what I need in an extremely professional and quick manner. From my experiences, I would highly recommend Rick for all your insurance needs.”

– Neil Schmitz, Woodbury, MN

“I highly recommend Rick McIntosh for all of your insurance needs. He’s very responsive and takes care of any question, concern or claim promptly and professionally. Rick saved me a significant amount in premiums and made the process of switching insurance companies simple and hassle free.”

– John Hutchinson, RE/MAX RESULTS, Apple Valley, MN

“Rick has been my insurance agent for several years. He insures my car, motorcycle and my home and is more then just helpful. He always lets me know when there is a better price for coverage which means a lot in these hard times. I can think of no reason I would switch insurance providers as long as Rick is my agent. Thanx Rick.”

– Lenny Hall, Farmington, MN

“Insuring Minnesota has been helpful and easy to work with. From getting us liability and auto coverage as a new construction company, to sorting through the tangles with generals, Rick McIntosh been helpful and responsive.”

– Tim W., Aspire Construction, LLC

“Hey Rick, just a quick note to say thank you for the many years of fantastic service. I think it’s been 17 or more now, hard to remember that far back. You have always been there to help when needed and always have my best interest in mind. I recall the time you called me out of the blue to let me know that while looking over my coverage’s you were able to get me a significant discount due to some of the “fun” I had as a young man had fallen off the radar so to speak. As I boldly take that next step, owning my own home, and the question of insurance was raised… without question you got the call. As I worked to get the financing done and hoping for a quick close you provided the final piece required, quickly and efficient as always. Many Thanks From Your Friend,”

– Brian Campbell, Hibbing, MN

“I started with rick about 7 years ago. He helped me get insurance for 2 cars and it was half the price of what I was paying for 1. Everytime I have needed something it takes him less than an hour to get back to me with an answer. I always refer people to him and I will continue to do so.”

Heather Erickson, Farmington, MN

“I have had my home and vehicle insurance policies with Rick McIntosh since 1998. Rick is very nice to work with as an agent and a friend. When I contact him with any questions he always answers them promptly. Rick is always watching for better deals so my premiums do not increase and yet have good coverage. I have and will continue to refer him as an agent to anyone looking for insurance or wanting to lower their premiums. I am very thankful to have Rick as my insurance agent.”

– Pam LaFontaine, Farmington, MN

“Treating the needs of others, as if they were his own, should be required of any customer service position, and yet there are very few who would measure up. Rick McIntosh is one of the few who deserves recognition for his service to others, and is held in high esteem for his performance by his peers. As an Insurance Professional I am proud to say he is one of us, and yet more importantly, I feel honored to say he is my Agent and true friend.”

– Diane House, Farmington, MN

“Rick McIntosh has been my family’s insurance agent for many years. The service this man has provided friends and family is beyond expectation. He monitors our policies, calls us with coverage changes, options, and shops for the best rate at every renewal without any coaxing from us. We are confident when our insurance renewal is received that we have the best there is in today’s market. When we are experiencing changes in autos, homes, finance companies, or any other task we give Rick, his response is timely, thorough, and accurate. Being in the commercial insurance industry myself, I understand the multitude of optional markets available along with ever-changing coverages and forms. I also understand the work and dedication it takes to provide continued service to new and existing customers. Rick always ensures that we are accurately covered. I refer every person that asks about their insurance to Rick and always receive a thank you from them. He is knowledgeable and takes the time needed to get the job done.”

– Paula Whitenight, Savage, MN

“We have complete trust in our insurance agent Richard McIntosh. We have been a client for many years and trust him completely to do a great job. Whenever we have had to file a claim with our insurance Rick has always been a great insurance agent. He gets back to us right away with any questions, puts our mind at ease that things will be taken care of and done right, and he is always working to get us the best rates available. We recommend him to all our family and friends.”

– Nicole and Dante Zuk, Maplewood

“Rick McIntosh has been our insurance agent for about 13 years now. He came highly recommenced to us from another Grounds Maintenance Contractor. Through the years Rick has handled our insurance needs for our Business, Workers Comp., Home, Motorcycle and Boat. Rick is always there to help you out, if it need be advice, obtaining certificates, adding or removing vehicles or checking rates. Rick makes you feel as if your his most important client and I know for a fact that he looks out for the best interest of his customers. Now just recently Rick has just saved us about $800.00 a year on our Commercial Insurance. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to get a better rate for a couple more years because of a black mark on a driving record but Rick knew about our mishap and did some checking and some explaining and found us a better rate. So if you are looking for a honest, hard working and genuinely trustworthy guy to help you handle any of your insurance needs Rick McIntosh is your man.”

– Rod and Kim Michel, Michel’s Lawn & Snow Monticello, MN

“My family and I have been Rick’s customer since we move here from Alaska in 2002. It was almost like starting over – we had a car that had been in storage for over a year and was unlicensed and uninsured. We had been living in short-term housing for our stay in Alaska and needed homeowners insurance for our new home, and Rick seamlessly helped us insure our home and vehicles. Recently, our kids became licensed drivers, and while researching the costs of adding the kids to our current policy (via their web page) I was surprised to see how expensive adding children to my current car insurance company was. Rick pointed out that different companies serve different market segments more cost effectively. Rick said that our original carrier was an excellent company with very competitive rates for two adult licensed drivers, but were not the best option if a family wants to insure children as well. Rick found me an option that would insure our family of four and would save me about $200 per year. I probably would have spent hours surfing the web to get the same information I got from Rick in a matter of minutes. Now that’s what I call customer service!!”

– Phillip F. Pote, Farmington, MN

“If it wasn’t for Rick’s thoughtfulness and the way he is willing to help in any way that is possible, we would be going broke paying for insurance that was to high and finding out the insurance you have been paying for, for years, was absolutely no good. We would be in a real mess!!! We would not know about this if he hadn’t helped us as much as he does. If you want a really good agent on your side, ask for Rick !!!!!!”

– Sharon and Ken Nichols, Inver Grove Heights, MN

“As the story goes, we needed coverage for our business van as there were no insurance companies in our area that could get us the particular type of coverage we needed. (My husband is self employed) We were told by our previous insurance agent, that he knew of only one person that could accomplish this feat and that was Rick McIntosh with Insuring Minnesota in Lakeville. So, needless to say, we called Rick and he not only jumped on the ‘bandwagon’ and got us the insurance we needed, but he compared prices, communicated superbly with us as to information he was acquiring, and got us the best deal with the best coverage. So, with such a positive outcome, my husband and I discussed the situation, and decided to switch all our vehicles to Rick at Insuring Minnesota. Rick thoroughly researched several companies and their insurance rates, and called us on a regular basis to keep us up to date with the information he was gathering. We never had to wonder what was going on as he communicated excellently. At the same time, he always had a positive, friendly and professional attitude. Then, sent us the best quote and checked again before we finalized anything. And did all this in a very short amount of time, because our old insurance was coming up for renewal within the same month and we didn’t want a lapse in our insurance. It is so nice working with someone like Rick. We are very happy and impressed with all he did for us. He literally saved us close to $1,000.00 per year. We think he’s the best and will stay with him because he represents what an awesome insurance agent should be.”

– Bill and Betti Dowling, Dowling Detection Systems, Brook Park, MN

“Rick, I just wanted to let you know how much Andy and I appreciate all that you do for us regarding our insurance needs. We can only imagine how busy you must be and yet you are always prompt about returning phone calls, answering our questions, and making sure that we receive the insurance that best suits us. Your commitment to customer service is evident in how we have always been treated and I hope that this note lets you know that we are truly grateful.”

– Andy and Jenny Galles, Breeze Point, MN

“Rick….. You are absolutely the best! That’s an awesome premium! I am so glad you are my agent. I would never think to go anywhere else. I hope at some point I can repay you with a large prospect, etc. for everything you’ve done for me.”

– Rhiannon Harvotich, Farmington, MN

“About Rick McIntosh and Ashley Kraft in Lakeville, MN and the rest of his staff:
I have had insurance from a company agent and I have had insurance from a independent agency. I am 53 years old so I have work with a few over the years. On home, auto and other property. I have never had the great customer service that I get from Rick and his staff. I have had other giver me quotes on insurance, some are more a few are less. I believe you get what you pay for. I have called Rick when my home owners went up almost 1000 dollars from one company, Rick said he review other AAA rate company and see what he could come up with. (he found one that was about the same as what I had before. I have that company now for almost 4 year it might go up a few hundred each year or less on insurance 3 different things. I have had problems with roof repair Rick made the process very painless on getting a new roof. I have had auto and homeowner policy that wanted the loss payee worded differently, all I had to do is call Ashley and she took care of it. I had to have repairs done to my boat through an accident Rick took care of that, and the company he pick my policy went up 40 dollars the next year (the repair was over $3,800) If you are looking for a Great agent that will be on your side You Must call Rick 1st and stop looking. I have been with Rick McIntosh for since 2008.”

– Dan Maher, Maplewood, MN

Thank you sir!!!  You were able to get done what another agent was working on for two weeks. You my good sir are AWESOME!!!

If you are looking for fast and affordable contractors insurance, Rick is your man.

– Gregory Addison, Milwaukee, WI

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