Progressive Homeowners Insurance – Watch Out!

Things to watch out for and be aware of when purchasing a homeowner policy from Progressive / ASI – American Strategic Insurance

  1. Water sewer backup coverage is optional.
  2. Choosing a percentage deductible like 1% or 2% is generally in the insurance     company’s best interests, not yours. The discount generally doesn’t pay for itself over time.
  3. Beware of the Non-Structural Hail Loss Limitation Endorsement. This means that

hail damage consisting only of cosmetic damage to the exterior of my home that

does not compromise the structural integrity of my home is limited. The company

may choose to pay the cost to repair or replace the damaged portion of the

property or 2% of the amount of insurance provided under Coverage A


  1. There is a 2% limit of your homes replacement cost for siding matching and roofing. This is generally not enough to restore you to prior the loss. Cosmetic Hail Loss Limitation – There are now options for 4% & 6% limits.
  2. ATV liability is excluded.
  3. Animal liability is optional. If you have an animal or dog, this is so important due to the strict liability in Minnesota back to the animal or dog owner. It’s not just biting a persona or child. The animal could bite another dog or cause a car accident etc. What if you forget to add it when you do get an animal? Most companies include this automatically.
  4. Be sure the policy includes replacement cost both for the home and your contents. This can be optional.
  5. Increased replacement cost on the home should be selected. This gives you a bit of a fudge factor over and above the limit listed on the policy.
  6. The home shield plus package should always be included.
  7. The default limit on other structures coverage is only 2% of the home amount.
  8. The default limit on personal property is only 50% of the home amount.
  9. The basic limits inside the policy are very low. Things like jewelry, guns, furs, bicycles & loss assessment. Also, theft of tools is limited to $5,000.



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