Ice Dam Information – Your Minnesota Homes Enemy!

Icicles are pretty but can cause all types damages to your home.

Commonly referred to as ice dams, they can tear off gutters, loosen your shingles and cause water damage in your home.

With all the snow this time of year, the conditions are right for ice dams. That snow melts from the warm air collecting in the attics and then meet the cold eaves or porch. Ice then forms and create a dam. As more snow melts the water backs up behind the dam, flowing under the shingles and into your home.

Ice dams can be prevented several ways:

The first method is using heated cables. Installed in a zig zag fashion, it equalizes the temperature between the roof and eaves.

Another option is to remove the snow from your roof using a snow rake.

Permanent fixes are, ventilate eaves and ridge, cap the hatch, exhaust to the outside, add insulation, install sealed can lights, flash around chimneys, seal and insulate ducts and caulk any penetrations of air.

We want to help you protect your home and homeowner insurance is right up our alley! Homeowner insurance might even pay for damages resulting from ice dams.

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