Get Ready for: Minnesota Tow Truck

Get ready ladies, gentlemen and tow truck owners across Minnesota. Insuring Minnesota Presents:

Minnesota Tow truck and wrecker owners will love our low rates and experience. We sell you what you need and want, while taking the time to explain the important details. What is on-hook coverage? Is there a minimum amount of coverage that I should carry on my tow truck in Minnesota?

The rates and programs improve after you have 3 years of continuous insurance. At this point you can request and provide your three-year loss history. Your loss history or loss run(s) is used along with driving records to determine eligibility and rates.

Our experienced tow truck insurance agents are standing by to help you. Comparing multiple markets to get you’re the best plan and give you a choice.

If you have a tow truck or wrecker, do yourself a favor and contact us. Quote and information are always free.


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