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A surety bond in Minnesota is like a loan from a bank and must be repaid. Because they must be repaid, credit is often a factor on bonds over $25,000. If credit doesn’t meet the requirements for those larger bonds, you can expect to pay more. A surety bond is not insurance.

A surety bond in Minnesota is an agreement between three different entities, the principle, surety and obligee.  The principle is the business or individual. The surety is the bonding company. The obligee is a city, state or government in most cases.

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A bond is a risk transfer device and believe it or not, they have been around since 2750 BC. It is a contract of financial guarantee. For the Minnesota construction industry, it provides the construction project owner with construction assurance and financial security. The construction business is a risky one. Fifty percent of all construction firms will be out of business in six years.

Minnesota law requires surety bonds on public works projects. Many privately-owned construction projects also require them. Again, it’s a contract of financial guarantee. A surety bond is a guarantee for the obligee that if the principle does not meet the contract requirements, the guarantor (bonding company) will reimburse the obligee.

Many contractors need bonds to become licensed; plumbing, electrical, HVAC (mechanical bond), low voltage, etc.  These are license bonds and they serve to protect the public.

We write a lot of lost title bonds for Minnesota residents. If you do not have a title for your vehicle because you lost it, bought a car with no title or have been a victim of title-jumping, fear not.  You can post a bond for the value of the vehicle and get back on the road.  The State of Minnesota will tell you the value of the bond on their paperwork.  Give us that value and some basics and we can have your bond done in minutes.

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Look at some of the license and permit bonds we write!

  • Alcohol Tax _ Liquor Bond
  • ARC Bond
  • Auto Dealer Bond
  • Collection Agency Bond
  • Customs Bond
  • Electrical Bond
  • Freight Broker Bond
  • Fuel Tax Bond
  • Funeral Bond
  • Health Club Bond
  • Home Health Care Agency Bond
  • Insurance Broker Bond
  • Immigration Consultant Bond
  • Lost Instrument Bond
  • Lost Title Bond
  • Lottery Bond
  • Master Plumber Bond
  • Mechanical Bond
  • Medicare – Medicaid Bond
  • Money Transmitter Bond
  • Mortgage Broker Bond
  • Mortgage Lender Bond
  • Process Server Bond
  • Public Adjuster Bond
  • Public Server Bond
  • Reclamation Bond
  • Surplus Lines Broker Bond
  • Small Loan Companies Bond
  • Telemarketing Bond
  • Title Agency Bond
  • Tobacco Bond
  • Union Bond
  • Utility Bond
  • Vehicle Title bond
  • And many more…

Look at some of the commercial bonds we write!

  • Business Services Bond
  • Employee Theft Bond
  • ERISA Bond
  • Janitorial Bond
  • Sales Tax Bond
  • Taxable Fuel Bond

Look at some of the construction bonds we write!

  • Bid Bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Subdivision Bond
  • Site Improvement Bond
  • Contractor License Bond


Simply, experience, accuracy, speed and cost.  How much do surety bonds cost? It depends on the type of bond and the amount of the bond.  Small bonds, like $10,000, might only cost $125.00. Other $25,000 two-year bonds are cheap at only $219.00. Larger bonds can cost 1,000’s.

We help people and business in Minnesota become bonded. People in general and many agents think bonding is this difficult, scary thing.  But we can make it very simple in most situations.

Having an experienced bonding agent on your side makes all the difference.  We listen to your needs and find the exact bond, at the right price. We do this by shopping multiple bonding companies, then we compare the details. It’s important your bond be 100% accurate or it could be rejected, costing you time and causing frustration. Count on us to deliver your bond “Picture Perfect”. Your low-cost Minnesota surety bond is just a click away.

Did you say local? Well yes, we are. Our bonding agency is based right here in Lakeville, MN.  We are just 25 minutes south of Minneapolis, in the Twin Cities. Most agents hate working with bonds, we love them! Search for low cost surety bonds, surety bond cost and surety bond Minnesota, you will find us.

Some other types of business insurance we offer are, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, workers compensation insurance, contractor insurance, restaurant insurance, business owners policy, tow truck insurance, and liquor liability insurance.  We also offer personal insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance.


Most bonds are very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. We are bonding experts! Most surety bonds need to be notarized. If you’re close to our office, come in.  We have 5 notaries in the agency.  Otherwise, we can mail it to you or if you’re in a rush, it can be overnight-ed. Working with businesses and residents throughout Minnesota, we have bonding down to an absolute science!

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Our goal at Insuring Minnesota is complete customer satisfaction. We want to make sure you understand the bond that you are buying and are comfortable with every step in the process.   Let us answer your questions and handle things for you.

We have years of experience handling various types of Minnesota surety bonds. Good credit or bad credit 99% of our bonds are approved. Having a bonding insurance expert on your side makes all the difference.

We promise you won’t be disappointed. Helping hundreds of residents and businesses throughout Minnesota. The time is now. Don’t wait any longer. Give us a try.

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